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Woodward Athletic Director Jacob Miller Q&A – Presented by Kaleb Roach Farmers Insurance

VYPE Magazine editor Brad Heath caught up with Woodward Athletic Director Jacob Miller to discuss his path to Woodward High School and his goals for the program. 

VYPE: Where did you get your start coaching and where did you originally graduate from? 

Miller: My first coaching position was assistant basketball coach at Salem International University NCAA DII. I graduated high school from St. Albans, West Virginia and Glenville State College in West Virginia.    

VYPE: This is a different time dealing with unusual circumstances, how do you feel the covid response by your coaches and staff has been and how ready is everyone to get back into a more normal routine?

Miller: Our coaches and staff have done a fabulous job responding to these circumstances. We are all ready to go back to some sort of normalcy but also to understand that we must continue our policies and sanitizing procedures to ensure we can continue in the right direction.  

VYPE: What is the message to the student-athletes at Woodward under your guidance and leadership? 

Miller: To be the best versions of themselves on and off the field. Continue to grow as leaders and represent their families and our school district the best they can.

VYPE: Do you have a coaching/teaching mentor? Someone you have looked up to or call on for advice? Maybe it’s someone who has influenced you in the past. 

Miller: Absolutely! I have numerous mentors in my life but coach Randy Unger, my former college coach, has been a mentor for me since I was 17. The great thing about mentors, they’re normally your friends, and he’s my best friend. I’m not sure where I would be today without him.

VYPE: Let’s have a few fun questions so people can get to know you a little better. What is your favorite place for lunch or dinner if you’re eating out?

Miller: In Woodward Chase’s or Hector’s and out of town Chic-fil-A. 

VYPE: Do you have any hobbies?

Miller: Watching athletics, golfing, camping, and collecting athletic memorabilia. 

VYPE: Favorite sports team? College or pro.

Miller: WVU and the Dallas Cowboys. 

VYPE: Your favorite sports movie?

Miller: Remember the Titians, Coach Carter, and Varsity Blues. 

VYPE: First concert you attended?

Miller: Britney Spears.

VYPE: Have you ever visited another country? If so, where?

Miller: No, I have not but I hope my first is the Philippines. 

VYPE: Coach, tell me what you have come to love most about Woodward, your athletes and where is the future of the program headed? 

Miller: The thing I love most about Woodward is the opportunity it provides for myself and family, but most importantly, the lifelong friendships I continue to make. Our student-athletes are phenomenal. They’re hard workers inside the classroom and in their respected programs. It’s hard to find school districts where they excel in both. Lastly, the future of Woodward Athletics is and will continue to be successful! As we lead by example and positively grow our coaches, athletes, and community, the future success takes care of itself. 

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