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Woodward’s Lindsey Craighead – Mom of the Month – Presented By Randy’s Pharmacy

Student-athletes work hard and put in a lot of work to be the best they can be on the field or
court. While this can be a benefit to them immediately, it can also be something that helps the
later in life. Lindsey Craighead is glad that her kids play sports for that very reason.
“Sports can build character and important life skills,” she said. “It also encourages youth to
constantly improve themselves and to never give up. I won’t allow my kids to participate in any
sport if they’re not committed to giving it one hundred and ten percent every game, practice, and
off the field.”
Her two sons both attend Woodward Public Schools. Talbot is a senior and plays baseball and
golf, and runs cross country. Caisen is an eighth-grader that plays football, basketball, soccer,
baseball, and golf.
With both boys being involved in athletics, they have also made a lot of friendships over the
years and that is something that Lindsey is thankful for.
“I love that most of my boy’s teammates grew up playing on the same team from little league,”
she said. “I love that we hire coaches with the same drive, values, and excitement that we, the
parents had when we were coaching at the local community sports centers. Woodward and its
schools is a great place to raise a family.”
Having a job that allows her the ability to attend a lot of her son’s games is not something that
Lindsdey takes for granted.
“I try to go to as many games as I possibly can,” Craighead said. “I have the best bosses that
allow me to be able to do that. I give positive feedback but I also keep it real with my kids when
they ask for constructive criticism.”
More than just being a fan, Lindsey is also involved in a few different organizations.
“I am the vice president of the Homerun Club. I’m also a youth sponsor for the First Christian
Church. Having God and a supportive church family is very important to us.”

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