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Woodward’s Drum Major Gracie Thompson Presented by AAA Woodward

Woodward’s Gracie Thompson

Discipline and leadership are two qualities that have helped transform Woodward senior Gracie Thompson as a drum major.

“I think an area I’ve greatly improved in leading up to this year is my self-discipline. Being more disciplined has helped me in my abilities to lead the band and be a good role model,” Thompson said.

Former drum major and close friend Josie Jones had a big impact on Thompson’s rise to her current role.

“She is the one who encouraged me to become drum major, and she helped me throughout the entire process of tryouts,” Thompson said. “She was a drum major for the band for three years and was a great leader for all of us.”

As for her goals in her year, Thompson wants everyone around her to become a better version of themselves, and she wants to maintain her good work in the classroom.

“This school year I want to not only keep good grades in my regular and college classes, but I also want to continue to improve my ACT score. In band I want to help improve people’s marching abilities and share the love I have for band with others,” she said.

Thompson, who plans on attending college and receiving an undergraduate degree and then pursuing her goal of going to chiropractic school, says she felt so delighted after competition at the Elgin Marching Band Invitational last year.

“We placed fifth in the finals. Fifth place doesn’t sound like a big deal for most, but when we all heard them announce Woodward, we were on top of the world,” she said. “I remember feeling so accomplished and proud of everyone.”

Being a part of a trio, with members Veronica Martinez and Jones, and finishing with all ones from the judge at state competition was a high mark for Thompson. A member of the National Honor Society and Key Club, she’s also been able to maintain a high grade point average all four years of high school.

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