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Woodward’s Lauren Elliot – Soccer Spotlight – Presented by Randy’s Pharmacy

Lauren Elliot, a Woodward High School sophomore soccer player, knows that school pride is important.

“I love to watch and support all of my classmates doing the sports that they love,” Elliot said. “When I’m out on the field playing soccer, the support system coming from the stands is what helps me finish the game with all I have. That is why I give just as much support back to my classmates, because it means a lot knowing you have such a huge support system behind you.”

Elliot is an all-around Woodward Boomer student. It’s not just sports that she keeps up with, but her grades, her faith and school activities, as well. She is in NHS, pep club and FCA and attends Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church.

“Being involved with my school is something that is important to me. Keeping up with my grades, attending games and staying in touch with all of the different activities going on are all significant things to me. The most important thing to me outside of soccer is maintaining a consistent relationship with Jesus. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the faith I have in Him,” Elliot said. “Faith is a huge aspect of my life, because ultimately, I would be nowhere without Jesus. Also, having such a great church family means so much to me. Jesus has changed my life in a number of ways.”

Elliot has been playing soccer for 11 years. Her parents signed her up at 4 years old.

“I ended up loving it and excelling in it,” Elliot said. “Falling in love with the sport at such a young age and getting to do so with all of my friends is what drew me to the sport. Getting to learn, grow and experience the game with the constant support from my friends and family is what has given me the motivation to continue to be driven to soccer. I have always loved the fast-paced action of soccer and how I can leave everything on the field.”

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