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Woodward’s Presley Pruett Named Unsung Hero – Presented by Kaleb Roach Agency

“Scoop” shows up to work each day and is ready to step in when we need her.” -Head Coach Llyod Vedder 

VYPE: What does your team and teammates mean to you?
: My team means so much to me. They are a great group of girls that seem like family. We all get along and enjoy our time with each other in and out of basketball. 

VYPE: You are called the unsung hero of this team. What does that mean to you and how do you define unsung hero?
: Being an unsung hero means doing something without drawing attention to yourself. Even though I may not get praised for my actions I continue to work hard every day and play for my team and teammates. 

VYPE: What grade are you in and what would you like to do after you graduate?
: I am a junior. I plan to pursue a career in mortuary science.

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