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Carli Burton Puts in the Work – Presented by The Wise Agency

Work is a key part of being successful in almost every aspect of your life. Whether you are a high school student-athlete or an adult working in the business world, if you want to reach the goals you have for yourself, you have to work towards those goals. Carli Burton has worked hard to become the athlete that she is but says that there is more that goes into it besides work.

“You have to always believe in yourself and never give up,” Burton said. “You have to always go for something bigger and make goals twenty-four-seven and work hard to achieve those goals.”

Burton is a junior at Woodward High School. She plays midfield on the Lady Boomers soccer team. She is in her eleventh season of playing the sport that she loves. Throughout her soccer career, Burton has had a number of people that have influenced her life on and off the soccer field. She says that out of those, there is one person that has probably had the biggest impact.

“Chris Long would you have to be the biggest role model that I look up to in my life,” Burton said. “He has taught me everything I know about soccer, and he has always been very positive about it. I would not be the soccer player I am today without him.”

As she looks back at her career, Carli can see a few different moments that stand out to her the most. But she says that her favorite soccer moment was not a personal highlight, but instead, was a big-time team moment.

“When our team made it to the state semi-finals last season that would have to be my favorite moment,” she said. “I love that I was able to enjoy that moment alongside my teammates. It also showed that our hard work was paying off.”

Along with playing soccer Burton is a member of the National Honor Society and the Pep Club at Woodward.

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