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Woodward Cross Country Underclassman to Watch – Khloe Clemence – Presented by The Stock Exchange Bank

By Kirk Francis

Khloe Clemence is a freshman cross country standout from Woodward. Clemence first started running in seventh grade and immediately loved the team and the atmosphere around the sport. As a freshman, Clemence appreciated the challenge of the sport, and how it allowed her to compete against not only other competitors but teammates, the trail, and herself.

In cross country, mental toughness often wins out over physical toughness, and it is necessary to learn how to persevere through the long runs and be prepared throughout the season and stay conditioned in the offseason. 

Although Clemence is only a freshman, this hasn’t stopped her from having success in cross country. This fall, in her first season competing at the high school level, Clemence has already placed in multiple meets which has been a pleasant surprise for her.

“I was not expecting to be able to place at meets,” Clemence said. “But I proved myself wrong.”  

Clemence credits that success to those around her, citing her coaches and teammates’ support as her motivation and strength. One person Clemence often turns to for advice is her cousin, Hillary Hurst.

“She inspires me everyday with her drive, work ethic, determination, and attitude,” Clemence said. “She has always supported me in everything that I do and she has helped me grow in mental toughness.”

Clemence is also thankful for the support she has received from Amanda Owens.

“She is serenely caring and thoughtful,” Clemence said. “She always knows what to say and I don’t know what I would do without her words of wisdom.”

Clemence is appreciates the support she receives from friends, family, and teammates in the Woodward community and uses their support for motivation.

While the season winds down, Khloe is excited and feels like her freshman year is just getting started. Clemence is more than just a runner; she is a multi-sport athlete and is planning on playing basketball, soccer, and even running track in the spring. Clemence also excels in the classroom taking several Pre-AP courses. Clemence is bound to have a long and very successful high school career in whatever sport or subject she is participating in at the time.

Photograph courtesy of Lacy Moore

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