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Woodward’s Sonya Covalt – Teacher of the Month – Presented by Keller Williams Realty Elite

Photo by Lacy Moore Photography

Sonya Covalt began her teaching career in 1986 at a high school in Texas where she taught Special Education for 11 years. Covalt and her husband relocated to Woodward 25 years ago where she continued teaching at Highland Park Elementary. Covalt took a few years away from the profession as she and her husband started a family, but returned to the classroom a few years later.

Back in the classroom, Covalt switched her focus to Language Arts and began teaching at Woodward Middle School where she continues to teach to this day.

“Woodward is a special place,” Covalt said. “Our community loves and supports our students and their endeavors. “So many of our businesses donate to our schools, classrooms, and our students. Speaking of students, mine are the best around. Hands down. Being with them every day and helping them grow personally and academically is an absolute blessing. My classroom is one of my happy places, and my co-workers are some of my favorite people.”

Each year Covalt looks forward to teaching her students SE Hinton’s Classic Oklahoma coming of age novel “The Outsiders.”

“Sharing the experience of a great story with my students fills my soul,” Covalt said. “Watching them become attached to a book or short story is a thrill I cannot explain. I believe I shall never tire of it.”

While Covalt loves seeing her students learn about language, critical thinking, and improving their writing skills she also emphasizes practical skills that they can apply in all aspects of their lives.

“Building a positive and strong community of learners is always my priority,” she said. “Kids need boundaries. They need expectations. They need a safe and secure place to learn where they know exactly what is expected and that their teacher cares deeply about them. Showing them how to effectively work together, collaborate on ideas, encourage one another, as well as identify and use their own voice, are my chief priorities as their teacher.”

Outside of the classroom, Covalt enjoys spending time with friends and family shopping, eating out, participating in local theater, and volunteering. Her husband, a Woodward native, owns and operates JW’s Nursery and Landscaping.

Together, the Covalts have three children. Their oldest is a graduate of Oklahoma State, their middle child is attending Harding University in Arkansas, and the youngest is a freshman at Woodward High School.

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