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Xiomara Marquez – Woodward Spotlight – Presented by Stock Exchange Bank

(pictured 3rd from the left)


Current junior at Woodward High School, Xiomara Marquez, works with the varsity football team as a team trainer. Marquez started working as a trainer when she was a freshman.

“I enjoy the atmosphere that I’m around while I’m training. The girls that I work along with are like my sisters and the boys are like my brothers. Game days are my favorites, especially when we’re winning. I love seeing the boys happy and seeing them play their hearts out on the field. There’s never really a dull moment while being a trainer,” said Marquez. 

The junior is also a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, Cultural Exchange Club, and she is serving as junior class vice president. After high school, Marquez plans to attend college and work towards becoming a registered nurse. 

“I plan to attend college, become a registered nurse and possibly later on become an obstetrician,” said Marquez. 

Marquez offers this advice to anyone who would like to become a trainer.

“My advice would be to get ready to work hard, to not forget your fanny pack, and to enjoy and soak up every moment as much as you can,” said Marquez. 

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