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Woodward’s Bradley Holloway Loves Wrestling and Family – Presented by Randy’s Pharmacy

Woodward wrestler Bradley Holloway is described by head coach Jared Weatherhead as a very strong and well-balanced wrestler. He’s the type of wrestler who does not make the mental mistakes. Holloway is a senior wrestling at 170-pounds this season.

As the state wrestling tournament gets closer, we caught up with Holloway to get his thoughts on his final year and what is important to him.

VYPE: Bradley, what do you love most about your team and teammates?

Holloway: What I love about my team and teammates is that this year we have never been closer as a family then before and every single one of us is always pushing each to be the best we can on the mat and as a person.

VYPE: In the classroom, do you have a favorite subject or teacher?

Holloway: My favorite subject is math and my favorite teacher is my junior history teacher Mr. Greeff.

VYPE: Who has been a big influence in your life and what has that meant to you?

Holloway: All of my brothers have been a big influence in my life especially with wrestling because every single one of was a wrestler themselves and we all are always competing who’s the best and who will be the first state champ, which will be me. 

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