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Woodward’s Ben Cheap – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Great Plains Bank

The epitome of perseverance, commitment and a deep love of sports is Woodward High School sophomore Ben Cheap. Ben’s journey in football, basketball and track has not only taught him valuable life lessons but has also shaped his character and aspirations.

Reflecting on his experience in sports, Ben shared what he has learned: “Sports, in general, have taught me how to face adversity, how to work as a team and if you want something in life, you’re going to have to work for it.” This mentality underscores Ben’s determination and resilience in both athletics and life.

One of the aspects Ben cherishes most about being part of a team is the strong bond he shares with his teammates. “My favorite part about being part of a team has to be the bond I have with my teammates. Those guys are my brothers and always have my back.”

Ben’s passion for sports stems from a childhood dream. “I’m so passionate about my sports because it’s always been my dream since I was a little kid to play for my town in front of a bunch of people,” Ben said, showcasing his love for representing Woodward and its community.

When it comes to role models, Ben looks up to individuals who inspire him both on and off the field. He admires golfer Scottie Scheffler for his sportsmanship and faith. “Scottie Scheffler is a great role model and really open about his faith in Christ. I strive to be like him someday.”

Ben’s admiration extends to his family and mentors. He credits his fourth-grade P.E. teacher, coach Servis, and his grandfather for their guidance and impact on his life. “Coach Servis is someone I look up to a lot and someone I could talk to about anything,” Ben said. “My grandad inspires me all the time. He is the toughest guy I know and has left a huge impact on people’s lives and everyone around him.”

Looking ahead, Ben is grateful for his upbringing in Woodward and the unwavering support of his parents. “I have lived in Woodward my whole life, and my parents grew up here too. I have always wanted to play for Woodward since I was a little kid. It means a lot to me to wear a Boomer uniform and represent a community I love.”

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