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Woodward’s Chelsea Cruse: Teacher of the Month – Presented by Advanced Real Estate Advisors – Brian Cook and Kindra Brown

Sometimes in life, it just takes one special person to help us find the path we are looking for. And while obstacles may get in the way, they help us navigate through and reach what we are working for. Chelsea Cruse had someone in her life like that and they helped her become the teacher she is today.

“I was a political science major at the University of Oklahoma and in my senior year I was selected to be an undergraduate teaching assistant.,” Cruse stated. “My professor, Dr. Maragret Ellis, had me lead various study groups and hold office hours for students. She knew I was struggling with what I wanted to do after graduation, and she truly helped me discover my passion for education, but civics and history education in particular. If it wasn’t for her and the opportunities she gave me and her guidance, I’m not sure where I would have ended up.”

Chelsea has been a teacher for thirteen years and teaches at Woodward High School. She teaches eleventh grade American History and twelfth grade AP Government and Politics.

While she enjoys teaching and impacting the lives of her students, Chelsea also strives to make learning enjoyable.

“I love the subject matter I teach, and I love the students I teach even more,” she said. “I love exposing students to elements of history and concepts they have never learned before. I never liked history in school, so as much as I can I try to make history come to life for my students. And even more than history, I love introducing my students to the beauty of our constitutional republic. Having a citizenry that is educated and knowledgeable about our history, but even more so about our Constitution and system of government, and learning how to engage in civil discourse, are crucial in maintaining this amazing country that we live in.”

When she is not in the classroom, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her husband Trevor and their two sons. She also enjoys reading and getting to the mountains whenever she can.

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