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Woodward’s Josie Jones – Band Spotlight – Presented by Kevin Cansler State Farm

Josie Jones is a rockstar at Woodward High School.

She is a senior band member who spent three years as a drum major and plays clarinet. She has participated in band since the 6th grade and has enjoyed being a part of the band all four years of high school.

This year, she most looked forward to the marching season and all the memorable activities that came with it.

“I was mainly excited to lead the band to an amazing season,” Jones said.

The marching season is now over, but Josie still looks forward to upcoming band events which allow her to spend time with “all of the amazing people in the band who happen to be [her] best friends.”

Being a senior this year, Jones wants to step up and assume a leadership position within the band. She values the wellbeing of all members, and she has established a plan to make sure that everyone feels loved and included this year.

“My motivation as a leader is to lead with love and lead by example,” she said. “Nobody ever grows from negativity. Instead of teaching people what not to do, I strive to teach them what to do correctly and consistently. Whether it be from showing up early every day, staying after to clean up, or just always keeping a cheerful attitude regardless of how many times Mrs. Crockett says, ‘one last time!’”

When asked what her most rewarding band experience was, Josie said that “as a senior, [she] gets to watch everyone grow and change in the most beautiful ways. What is most rewarding is not making finals or placing high at a contest, it’s seeing everyone finally be proud of themselves and realize that hard work does pay off.”

As Josie finishes her senior year, she has left lasting impact on Woodward band.

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